Friday, January 02, 2004

saw tim burton's big fish last night. absolutely loved it. i'm a big tim burton fan and it was definately one of his best. basically the movie is about a dying father who's life was made up of far-fetched stories, and a son wishing to know who his father really was.

big fish made me think of an aspect of the scriptures that has been on my mind lately, the value of stories. much of the scriptures (especially the old testament), is made up of stories that may or may not be historically true. does historical accuracy have any bearing on the value of scripture. does it need to be historically true? for example, i don't believe that the garden of eden story actually happened. if i look at it as being historically true, it has little bearing on me. it really means nothing to me. adam fell and now i'm fallen. that's all that is really important about the events in the garden. but what if the story really didn't happen? what is it's purpose. the temple answers this the best. in the temple, i am adam. the story of the fall isn't about some old guy, it's a story about me, my own fall, and how i can return. it's narrative value far surpasses its historical value.

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