Tuesday, December 02, 2003

will the real loyd ericson please stand up

somebody once accused me of being fake. am i a fake? i don't believe i am. i wonder if i do come off as one though.
i admit that i'm not normal and i'm rather unconventional. i try to be myself. i don't hold back. i enjoy discussing philosophy. i'm passionate about it. what does that equal? it equals me trying to hard to look like an intellectual. i love cracking jokes. that means i try to hard to seem funny. i enjoy sushi and the symphony. that means i'm trying to hard to seem cultured.
is it that i really am trying to hard? or is it more that i'm abnormal enough that it just doesn't seem real and thus must be a mirage i'm throwing over myself.
i guess i just need to continue to be myself. if someone doesn't like who i really am, they can kiss my butt. i do need to soften things down though. perhaps i do flaunt my person to try to be accepted. if i do, i'm at least flaunting who i really am. i'm not one of those persons who acts as though they are someone else to be accepted by others.

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