Wednesday, December 03, 2003

god bless the u.s.a. where all men are created equal

...unless you are black, asian, native american, non-[traditional]christian, female, or anything else that is not the typical male white christian. i've been reading ronald takaki's a different mirror. it's hard to imagine and sickening when imagined how peoples of other races have been treated in the nation. from the black slaves to the american-born japanese thrown out of their homes into internment camps during the second world war. in the twenty-first century, we have definately matured and are doing much better, but we still have much more to do. a couple years ago following the sept 11 attacks, a roommate of mine thought it was a funny joke to stick a sign on the refridgerator saying 'kill all ragheads'. i got so pissed. what if it had been some asians? would we think it funny to hang a 'kill all japs' sign? obviously i would not have thought it funny. i didn't find my roommates sign at all funny either and yelled at him to take it down. i just don't see how some people can actually hate someone just because of the color of their skin, their religion, or their nationality.

in other news...i canceled the internet in my last apartment and thus lost my webspace. the site and associated links will be down until i put them in a new home

christmas time is here and oh golly gee i love it. i used to be the one who put up most of the christmas decorations around my home growing up. i need to run home and find my small christmas tree to put here in the apartment. hopefully the holiday spirit will help some in lifting my spirit.