Monday, January 05, 2004

got that nasty student loan problem taken care of. that's a nice relief. it got denied initially becuz my professors, dennis potter and brian birch, didn't post my grade for my philosophy of religion class until friday. oh well...all taken care of now. my roommate had the same class at byu with david paulsen and he still doesn't have a posted grdae for that class...and byu's new semester started today!!!

started reading truman madsen's eternal man in the collection, five classics by truman madsen. just got into it, so i don't have anything yet to say about it.

i'm stoked for this semester. i'll be getting my last generals our of the way (biology and astronomy) and will be taking several classes for my majors (intro to western religions, intro to eastern religions, logical thinking, and hopefully deductive logic)

gonna be a lot of studying to do this semester.

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