Thursday, February 12, 2004

and now a message from edith

the following came from an entry on my guestbook...

"if you put out the pretense of being so far above your fellow classmates and the rest of society (see "higher education"), by all means, PLEASE have the common decency to write like someone who, UGH!, graduated high school."

edith, whoever you are, this is my blog. it is not an english paper. i can write however the hell i want. i don't use capitalization here. i don't use very good sentence syntax very good. i don't shower and i spel things rong.

plus, it doesn't matter that i didn't graduate from highschool. so what if i dropped out of school after the 8th grade?

sarcasm in writing

sarcasm is hard to pull of when you are writing it. i have a hard enough time letting people know i am being sarcastic when i am speaking to them, an even much harder time when i'm writing it out. don't be offended edith, i love you and want you to visit more often

i love this thing. it's a blessing and a curse. just ordered three books tonight the metaphysical club, socrates cafe, and life of pi

do a kind thing, visit my wish list, and buy me a book

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