Thursday, February 12, 2004

hierarchial revelation, authority, and opinion

it's late, but i just wanted to post a small theory that i developed while talking to a friend tonight. i think i discovered how i can have my cake and eat it too. it basically deals with the whole 'speaking for the lord' vs. 'his opinion' debate. does one have to pick one or the other when looking at the prophets words...or can one choose both. i believe he can do both by looking at his words as an opinionated interpretation of inspiration.
here it is using president hinckley's "earing talk" as an example. i personally think that there is nothing wrong with a girl having her ear pierced twice or more, nothing wrong with a guy having a piercing, and nothing wrong with long as they are done tastefully. however, president hinckley said these should all be avoided. was he speaking as the lord's mouthpiece...or has his own? both. he was inspired and put that inspiration into his own words. let's say that god told the prophet to tell the youth to look tasteful. pres. hinckley (being a 90 year old man) has the opinion that for a girl to have more than one earring is distasteful. thus he interprets the inspiration as god saying that girls shouldn't have more than one earring.


inspiration + opinions > interpretation
be tasteful + 2 rings is distateful > don't have 2 earrings

or another example...
don't watch bad movies + all rated r movies are bad > don't watdh rated r movies

i think in many ways that this is the best way to understand scripture, the prophets, our own inspiration, and everything else like that

time for bed

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