Thursday, February 19, 2004

this is edith. i have an old woman's name and an old woman's heart. i am a contradiction. my family is nuts, but i think that is fairly normal - plus it makes the world go 'round with a better sense of humour. i have a brain and i am not afraid to use it. i am an artist and enjoy music and kids - because all of those three are, on a base level, honest. i think there is a difference between discipline and punishment. i believe that the world has lost all sense of manners and the idea of a "time and a place for everything". i try to accept people without accepting their idiotic acts and behaviors, although i tend to give my opinions freely to anyone who will listen. i think you can be a friend to someone who is completely different than yourself and i believe in rodney king's statement, "why can't we all just get along?" people need to take the serious things seriously and let all the other things go, lighten up people! i don't have a web page nor do i know much about how this whole e-world works, i am more of a pencil and paint type of gal. lastly, i think everyone needs a house at the beach, or wherever they feel their personal paradise is; and a good friend who is literally crazy to keep you sane.

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