Friday, March 12, 2004

attention all utah drivers (or those driving in utah)!!!

i had an hour between classes, so i thought i'd step into the computer lab to leave a message for some of you on the road yesterday. first of all, a blinking yellow traffic light does not mean stop, it is equivalent to a yield sign. that means you don't stop, but you keep going..just be careful. if you suddenly slam your brakes, somebody will rear-end you. if the traffic light is blinking yellow, then the other direction perpendicular to you will have a red brinking light which is equivalent to a stop sign. while i'm at it. turn-abouts/round-abouts are not that hard to figure out. once again, the yellow upside down yield sign does not mean stop. much like the blinking yellow light, it means proceed carefully yielding to the right of way. what is the right of way? if there are no other cars on the turnabout, you have the right of way. cars only come from the left. that means you look to your left, if nobody is there you have the right of way. just don't. no need to stop.

and to the queen bitch who was honking at me yesterday, i drive fast. prolly much faster than you. if i am driving stopping or driving slowly, i have a good reason to. don't ride up on my ass and don't honk at me. i stopped because there was a cross walk with crossing pedestrians. i drove slow because i was in a parking lot with kids walking around.

now that i have that out of the way...

the weather has been great lately. i am so ready for a warm spring and summer.

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