Thursday, March 25, 2004


here are some pictures of my new little nephew, just born yesterday. i might edit out some of the 'just popped out pictures' tomorrow when i'm not as tired.


tory and i went to the summum pyramid today to check out their study hour and whatever else they do in there. wow.... now that was some wierd stufs. golden phalluses, mummified pets (all the animals in the photos are real mummies, the human was not real), some old cranky leader named 'corky', and a lot of odd folks. tory is writing an article for the daily universe and i'm doing a report on them for one of my reliigion classes. the pictures can be found here. be warned though, there are some graphic statuettes in the photos. i'm not sure about the whole purpose of the golden dildos, but i'm sure there exists a very appropriate reason for having them. i'll hopefully have a few videos from the pyramid available soon.

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