Friday, April 30, 2004


tonight turned into a bust of sorts. i worked until 9:30 and was gonna go to a party here in raintree with some friends, but nobody was really up to it and we bailed after a few minutes. it would have been better if we knew more people here, but having just moved in we haven't gotten to know any body yet. that'll change as we start going to our ward and stufs...

so i'm here in raintree... finally all out of the crestwood!! it's nice to be somewhere different and still retain the few friends from there that i care about.

life is really good. sure there are some of the same struggles, but there is really no point in stressing over them. just gotta accept that shit happens and move on.

so i got bobby moving in with me, hyrum (my other new roommate) seems pretty cool. joe and jake are next door and megan isn't too far away. things have been a blast with everyone. megan's awesome as always. she bought me maxim's hot 100 issue to thank me for picking her up from the airport (how cool is that!). work is going good. i actually got a paycheck today. school went pretty good i think. i'll know for sure in the next few days as my grades get posted. blah blah blah...

i feel like by blogs have been really shallow lately. i don't know if there is nothing about my feelings to write about... or if i just don't want to share them with anyone. prolly the latter

maybe as school starts up again and i get more relaxed (do those two go together. school and relaxation?) i'll start flowing more with my thoughts

i guess i'll just read tonight and catch some early sleep for tomorrow.

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