Sunday, April 04, 2004

the gloves are coming off

so yeah, i don't write my thoughts/feelings about specific people on here anymore because too many people read this thing, but now my gloves are coming off. that's right. there is no holding back anymore. here's what i think about all you guys. i'll just not use any names to protect the innocent (me).

-you're nice, but i'm seriously scared that you are going to freak out all of the sudden and start killing people.
-why do you have to be so loud all of the time? tone it down a few decibels. and watch how you say things to my friend. just because you can't control yourself gives you no right to say crap like that.
-yeah, you really pissed me off a while back, but i forgive you.
-you're one of the few people in this complex that i have always felt comfortable going to, thanks.
-i think you and you would look great together.
-you haven't got a mean bone in your body.
-you always have this happy glow about you. seeing you hurt (which wasn't fun) made me realize that you are human too.
-i know you think what i'm doing is stupid. but hell, this is how i feel and i can't change that.
-you're prolly the greatest and bestest friend i have had. thanks.
-i finally beat your best score on snood.
-you need to get out more and let people realize how great and fun you are. enough excuses.
-for some reason, i want some action from you.
-i look up to you, not because you are taller than me though.
-so you think i'm immature? ...well suck my balls.

i could go on for days with these things, especially if i went to the past. this will do for now. i hope i don't seem to critical or prideful with any of these. $5 and a carton of whoppers to anyone who can guess who all these belong to.

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