Monday, April 05, 2004

round two.

mostly the same people. different order. maybe a little nicer this time... or maybe not

-it's about time someone gets the girl
-sometimes you seem almost too nice that it seems fake. i know it's not, but it can seem that way.
-you're a really caring person and always seem to be thinking of others
-maybe i judge too much. not everyone is like me.
-sometimes i just want to hold you
-thanks for giving me a better place to live.
-when i'm in my room and i've got music playing, i can't hear you from the kitchen/lcouches. how many times do i have to tell you?
-you're one of the few friends that i think i'll keep in touch with in the semi-distant future
-forget your missionary and give it a chance
-a lot of people are disgusted by you. tone it down and let people know who you are.
-you've got what it takes to be an arrogant ass, but you are the total opposite.
-get off your lazy butt and release another album
-get off your lazy butt and get a job

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