Monday, April 05, 2004

round three

just nice stuff this time :)

-thanks for your prayers
-you are an awesome ninja
-thanks for caring
-i'm glad i've been able to get to know you more
-sorry if i get short with you, you're fun to live with
-thanks for always being excited to see me and talk with me
-come over anytime to hang and cuddle
-we don't always agree, but it's nice to have someone who digs theology like i do
-we have different attitudes, but that's a good thing. the world would be messed if everyone were juvenile like me
-there is nobody i'd rather have deep conversations with than you
-thanks for coming to me as a friend when i felt i was alone
-(something nice about myself that i can't think of)

being nice feels a lot better than being mean

loyd's life update

things are going really good right now. i'm really happy and excited about school, relationships, and the spiritual.

school is going really good right now. i know i say this a lot, but it's so much better when i am studying something i love (and am apparently good at). i think i'll be getting a's in my four philosophy and religion classes. astronomy isn't going to be as good. i prolly won't be getting the 4.0 i thought i was going to be able ot achieve.

i feel so much more social now. i've got plenty of friends and people who come over to chill and plenty others where i feel totally comfortable going to chill. i know i haven't written much about my friendship with megan lately. at least not overtly. that's mostly cuz she reads this (hi megan ;) ). i really cherish that friendship. we're just so much alike with the same interests and all. i do kinda miss our deep, late night conversations we used to have. maggie has been a really great friend too. (hi maggie). too bad she's heading home for the summer.

spiritually, i'm actually really trying to read the book of mormon everynight (i've gone three nights in a row) and am planning to go to the temple sometime this week with tory. my testimony has grown a lot lately. when i pray now, i feel like i'm really having a conversation with god. some maay think this blasphemous, but i pray now as if god were sitting next to me and was my buddy. i don't use all the 'thees' and 'thous'. i just talk normal. it's cool. i really feel like i'm having a two-way conversation with him. it gives me hope. i don't always believe the same as others, but there is something inside that let's me know what is important to know.

i really need to go get myself a job right now. i've been slacking lately and that's not good. i just hate looking for work, maybe it's the inner shyness in me or maybe it's the fear of having a job i don't really enjoy. i really feel like a lazy slacker though. i get bored a lot now and start to bug others to break the boredom. enough talking about it though, time for more doing.

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