Sunday, April 11, 2004

happy easter i guess

so megan and i took koji to the zoo yesterday. it was a lot of fun. koji got really excited with lots of the animals. he especially liked the monkeys and had a big grin on his face when he first saw them. we're driving back to provo and just couple blocks away from by brother's when my car just dies. we were able to get it working again somehow... just enough for it to break down again on the way back to my apartment. at least it didn't break down in salt lake. that would have been a little too much adventure for me. i really hope it doesn't cost much to fix. it seems like when life is getting good, god uses my car to make sure i don't get too happy.

today is easter, but it feels no different than any other day. no easter dinner with the fam. no candy. no eggs. just a regular sunday. we had a stake easter sacrament meeting. it was nice and short. i didn't quite pay attention to the talks too much. i was busy reading some chapters from the book of mormon, matthew's account of jesus's final days, and writing in my journal. the closing hymn was "i know that my redeemer lives". i choked up while singing the last verse. how awesome it is to have a testimony of my savior. to know that he suffered for me and lives today.

so the rest of today has been pretty empty so far. just relaxed and had some easter ramen. yay :/

oh yeah, and maggie gave me a ride to my parents house so i could steal their car for a while. they are in japan picking up bobby right now. it's nice to have friends you know you can turn to for help. thanks mags :)

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