Monday, April 12, 2004

and then it was today

been kind of a boring day. went to class until 2 then pretty much did nothing besides a short nap. compusa still hasn't recieved my drug test info, so i won't be starting until at least wednesday now. which is fine becuz i have some studying i need to tomorrow. my refund still hasn't come in yet. hopefully it'll be deposited tomorrow.

fhe tonight had a surprising outcome. a lot more people showed than i expected and it turned out rather fun even though nothing was really planned. bishop meeks(sp?) is a pretty cool guy. he was there at my final council and got to see me ball my eyes out with happiness. i'm sure that's why i'm one of the few whose name he knows

sara is a really cool girl. i'm glad megan's got a roommate that actually wants to go out and be social and stufs. i just wish i felt more comfortable with being able to drop by and hang out like i can with other apartments

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