Tuesday, April 13, 2004

islam, israel, and how america shoots themselves in the foot

we're discussing islam and israel in my western religions class today. i have a little greater understanding of why so many arab nations don't like us all that much. american policy has really screwed them over some. 1st we kick the palestinians out of their homes and farms and give them away to a group of polish jews. 2nd we fund israel's army. 3rd we side with israel in most of their confilcts. 4th we look away when israel screw over the palestinians.

i'm not saying that we deserve what has happened, just that we are not blameless victims in all of this. the more we cry innocence and retaliate, the worse things are going to get


byu is finishing up this week, but uvsc still has 1 1/2 weeks left. they'll be starting the next semester the same time we begin our finals! i am so looking for this semester (especially astronomy) to be finished.

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