Friday, April 23, 2004

maybe i don't want to graduate

chris graduated today (congrats bro!), but now i dunno if i want to graduate. that ceremony was sooooooooooo loooooooooooooong. of course, i'll still graduate. i just won't invite anyone to the ceremony (if i even go myself).

one good thing about it was that i had plenty of time to finish reading invisible monsters. to sum it up, the book was twisted, twisted, twisted, and friggin awesome. another great palahniuk. much like lullaby, it starts off confusing as hell, but all comes together in the end like a jigsaw puzzle. much like lullaby the timeline is always jumping around. but instead of jumping between chapters, each paragraph practically takes place at a different spot on the timeline, but somehow makes sense. i would definitely recommend it if you can handle something so twisted, morbid, insightful, exciting, and hilarious.

i'm not sure what i'll read next. it'll prolly be life of pi or conversations with god. i'm not sure which though. throw in your votes

my last several posts have been small and scarce. that's because i've been so gosh dang tired lately (note the mormon swear words). with work, finals, and a roommate who vacuums at 7am i haven't gotten much sleep. i should hopefully catch up this weekend.

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