Thursday, May 27, 2004

club vortex

went up to club vortex last night with a bunch of friends. 'twas a fun night. check out the pics here

i also got some complaints about this week's song, so i replaced it with the greatest dance song ever!


  1. hahaha highlights of the night include:
    Truth or dare, rachel butt bumping that guy, me freaking with that weird couple, the lesbian moments, flat out rejection, the weird guy with the funky curly hair, karyl's never ending ghetto booty dancing, "loyd go ask if it's ladies' night", pimp anna, "push it", the drive up- "i wish i was a gigolo", my ridiculously shiny face, hair looking like a chia pet, "she's wearing pink panties"...hahaha that was such a fun night. :)

  2. that was megan by the way

  3. i should have gotten pics of the girls kissing... i bet i'd get a lot more hits on my blog with that


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