Thursday, May 06, 2004

gotta whole lotta time...

now that i'm not taking any classes until mid-june, i'm gonna have some free time to spend. this will give me a chance to knock some books off my shelf so i don't feel so bad about buying new ones. i'll also have some time to do some mentoring that i've always wanted to do. i'll have to look up the united way again and see where i can help.

birthday at the cabin

my birthday is in a few weeks and i decided i'm gonna get a bunch of us to hit my parents cabin that night. it'll prolly be pretty packed this time which will be hella fun.


i've been doing pretty good so far these last four days. missed two days in a row at the gym though. i was about to go tonight, but ended up going to happy-hour for a few minutes and then hanging out with some girls in my ward. i'll go in the morning tomorrow.

still nothing

maybe i'm getting dumber. maybe i'm more reserved. maybe i'm boring now. maybe nobody is pissing me off (or is not worth mentioning). or maybe i just have nothing going on. i'll think of something good to rage about. it's just building up for a huge-ass post that'll blow you all away.

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