Friday, May 07, 2004


derek had a four day leave from the army reserves, but his car broke down in the middle of b.f.e. nad he's stuck now. luckily, one of his friends in fort carson is going to drive and get him and then help him tow his car tomorrow. it's too bad, cuz i was really looking forward to seeign him. he's been active since the middle of february last year... all in fort carson. it's kinda good he didn't go over-seas, but it kinda sux too, cuz then it would be a change of environment and something he could actually right home about. he's a great guy and a great friend. because of him, i get offended when i hear someone speak ill of those who didn't serve missions or act like they are any less than a returned missionary. he's the only active person in his immediate family and wasn't raised with the influence to serve one. he's still a great guy and is a hell of a lot better than a lot of returned missionaries i know. hopefully he'l be able to make it next week for tory's reception.

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