Sunday, May 09, 2004

the day is over...

i was in a kind of a bummer mood for a while tonight, i'm not sure why. i think i was just tired and recovering from a long day of work. i later went out for some hawaiin ice with megan and sarah and that helped a lot. (sorry i was acting all wierd... thanks for lifting my spirits :) ). afterwards i went to a girls' apartment in my ward where we had been invited to go play some games. (silent football... to much to explain, but hella fun) and then kicked backed and talked for a couple hours. i'm feeling fine now, i think, and now feel dumb for being a bum earlier.

friends... not the sitcom

i've seriously got some of the best friends and the best friend right now. aint it great.

i think i'm gonna do some handwritten journaling now, read some scriptures, and get to bed...

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