Sunday, May 09, 2004

why zeniff pisses me off and the nation of israel... my commentary on mosiah 9

we were going over mosiah 9 today in sunday school and well.... my views of zeniff changed a lot. i used to think he was this great king, but now i see him as over-zealous, prideful king who let his idea of manifest destiny (a serious problem in all religious-based land arguements) lead his people to near-destruction. no wonder his son noah turned out to be such a bitch.

vs 1. zeniff is a spy trying to regain a land the nephite's hadn't occupied for almost a hundred years. he realizes that the lamanites aren't all that bad. he thinks it best not to kill them.

vs 2. zeniff decides to kill a lot of his army instead.

vss 3-5. after killing eachother, zeniff and his left-over army have a power trip and decide they are going to politely ask for the land

vss 6,7. the lamanites just get up and kindly give up their land to zeniff. honestly now... would thye just give it up cuz zeniff asked. no. zeniff was backed with a blood-thirsty army who had just finished killing their own brothers, sons, and fathers. who would stay and fight an army like that? (hmm reminds me of some palestinians who nicely gave their homes and lands to foreign jews who were backed with a few army's who had just finished kicking some trash)

vss 8,9. they start using the land and they prosper. obvious signs of karma. god must be really pleased with them.

vss 10,11. how dare the lamanites wish to have their land back which they were kicked out of. (how dare the palestinians wish to have their homes back in israel)

vs 12. very typical racist language.

vss 13-16. this is what happens when you kick people out of their homes. they don't like it a whole lot.

vss 17-19. manifest destiny at work. it's our god-given land. we won, therefore we are more righteous than you lazy lamanites. (replace lamanites with palestinians)

no wonder zeniff's son noah thought prosperity was a sign of righteousness.

ammon and aaron... different missionary tactics. different results.

in priesthood we discussed how we could be better missionaries. the usual replies were "share your testimony with everyone and ask everyone to meet with the missionaries... blah blah blah." is this the best route to take? i think not. instead of focusing so much on mission work, i think we need to focus more on people work. if we are unwilling to help someone with a flat tire just to be nice... who are we to help someone learn about the gospel? i brought up ammon and aaron as prime examples of how to and not to share the gospel.

ammon's tactic (alma 17,18): ammon goes to serve and love them. he truly cares about these people and wants to be their friends. they love him back and want to learn about him and his beliefs

aaron's tactic (alma 21): aaron basically goes straight in and tells them they are sinning and need to repent. they throw aaron in jail

see a difference? lucky for aaron, ammon saves his butt and he get's a second chance where he uses ammon's tactic and learnes to truly love and serve first. success follows.