Thursday, June 17, 2004

changing.... for the better?

when i first moved here to raintree, i thought i had sunk deeper into happy valley. everyone here was either a peter priesthood or a molly mormon. it kinda bugged me and i really didn't want to be a part of it. partly from my realization that i had to stop trying to be different and partly from sime gentle nudging by lacy, i've found that i can be happy and stufs living a more 'happy valley life'. i've really tried to stop swearing and have succeeded quite well and i find myself not wanting to see things that aren't quite uplifting. i took down my britney spears poster and i'm prolly going to sell several of my dvds tomorrow. much of this is prolly a fad that will pass in a while, but i hope it's not. i just don't think i'm at the spiritual level that i should be at.

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