Thursday, June 10, 2004

my poor car!!!

so i'm driving north on freedom today, just past taco bell and some idiot truck driver decides to make a right hand turn from the center lane and clips the front left side of my car with his semi, sending me over the curb. in that instant, my whole life passed before my eyes (and it was rather boring). luckily, nobody was hurt (besides small bits of glass in my hands, eyes, and feet). my car wasn't so lucky. it's most likely totaled. believe it or not, it was not my fault and was rather unavoidable. the trucker was cited with making a dagerous turn (and then the idiot went and lied to his insurance agency. he told them that he was on the right lane and that i tried to pass them on the right and that i got cited. the police report will show everyone how full of crap he is.) i'll post some pics of my car and the accident as soon as my brother sends me them.

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