Wednesday, September 01, 2004

got a whole lotta reading to do

these begin the 16 or so books i'll have to read this semester. luckily they are not textbooks, but are books i prolly would have eventually read in my spare time some day. i'd like to add a novel to the list, but i'm not sure if i'll have time to squeeze one this semester.

i finished angels & demons today. it was a fun read (although i liked the da vinci code a little more). the book did frustrate me several times though. brown kept using the word symbology when he should have used symbolism. brown's describing creatio ex nihilo as the issue in the theism/atheism debate is just stupid (if anything, it's the lack of evidence for god and the problem of evil that are the key issues in the debate). langdon saying that christianity got the idea of communion from the aztecs and the idea of the sacrificial god from quetzaquatl is pathetic considering christianity has had these key elements since the first centuries and christianity didn't encounter the new world until the 15th century. looking past these and a few other issues, the book was a fun read with several good (and sometimes predicatable) twists.

i also finished kant's prolegomena. now that was a tough read. if you ever thought sentances in the book of mormon were long, check this book out. i swear some sentances lasted a whole page.

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