Wednesday, September 01, 2004

new semester

i've been pretty busy and haven't had much free time to update this thing.

the new semester has started. all of my credits are philosophy classes (metaphysics, phenomenology & existentialism, intro to christian theology, history of analytic philosophy, and philosphy forum), so i think i'll really enjoy it. although i have a ton of reading i'll be doing this semester.

work is going pretty good. i just got promoted to being the front-end supervisor, so that'll mean more pay and more hours.

with work, school, and studying, i'll be pretty busy this semester.

my classes actually have quite a good count of pretty girls this semester. i thought it would be lacking since it's all upper-level philosophy classes, but i was wrong. this should mean that they are smart and pretty. the girl i met at the religious studies roundtable last spring and took out one night is in my intro to christian theology class. maybe i could try taking her out again.

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