Friday, September 03, 2004

i've got fans

apparantly some dumbass found this blog exciting enough to tell all his pathetic e-friends about it here.

according to this sad xbox fanatic, i'm "the most whiney faggot tiny piece of sh** a person could ever know" and that this blog "is a broadcast of whimpering and a pathetic attempt at attention."

i totally agree. it's about time someone see's this the same way i do.

he also says that i give the address to this blog
"to everyone he meets and says 'hurry go and look quickly'."

I've no idea where he got this idea from.

it does seem that he's been reading my site for quite a while though. perhaps he's some pussy i know. oh well. would be fun to meet him, share an icecream cone, and then kick him in the nuts.

good times....


  1. That kid's an ass. I think you're cool.

  2. On this issue the Timothy sisters agree. When you figure out who it is you can invite me along in the ice cream party and I'll kick him in the nuts too!

  3. geez... i feel so special now


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