Thursday, October 21, 2004

less than 2 weeks left and i'm undecided

for the last few months i've dogged on john kerry for using using "i'm not george bush" as his ticket to the whitehouse. didn't he have anything positive to say? what besides his not being bush was there? last night it hit me. he's right. he is not george bush. that's what the world needs to fix things up in iraq.... not bush.

iraqis hate bush (wouldn't you if he attacked and killed your family in search of some mythical weapons of mass destruction?). most of the international community hates bush (wouldn't you if he ignored your pleas for peaceful measures and called you a bunch of chickens for not helping him in an unethical war?) people don't want to work with the united states because they can't stand our leader.

so as far as the war in iraq goes.. i'm for kerry. he may not have a specific plan, he may have gone into the war had he been in the same situation... though i'm starting to believe that he would have waited and given it some time. he's not dubya and that's what the international community wants.

now i need some help. besides the war in iraq (and terrorism), why should i pick one candidate over another? i've got less than two weeks to figure this out.


  1. Eh, don't vote for either of them. Vote for Badnarik.

  2. You are so young. So naive.

    Go fishing for facts on the net. The Iraqis do not hate us. Terrorists hate us.

    John Kerry is nothing but an opportunist. He has offered nothing he would do, of substance, if he were to be elected. His wishy washy attitude is frightening.

    If for no other reason you should consider his stance on abortion. Especially thrid trimester abortions. Maybe you should put those stats on your site also. Every year 144,000 second and third trimester abortions are performed. That is taking a full term baby and ending its life. 144,000. Yeah, I know. Women can do what ever they want with their bodies. Just so long as it doesn't affect you.

  3. i'f i'm young and naive, you're an old dumbass.

    -"The Iraqis do not hate us. Terrorists hate us."

    look at what i wrote retard. i said iraqis and most of the international hate bush.

    -"He has offered nothing he would do, of substance, if he were to be elected."

    what about tax issues, welfare, medical insurance, and a living wage? does he have specific plans for iraq? maybe not, but it's jsut as little as bush has got. but kerry has an advantage. he's not george bush. he doesn't have bush's neo-conservative buddies from the american enterprise institute hijacking the administration and installing a foreign policy of nation building that the 2000 govenor bush rejected.

    -"His wishy washy attitude is frightening."

    what about bush's complete flip-flop on his ideology of the justification of war?

    -"If for no other reason you should consider his stance on abortion."

    that's one of the few places where i side with bush.

    -"Yeah, I know. Women can do what ever they want with their bodies. Just so long as it doesn't affect you."

    wow, that's pretty grown up of you. accusing me of not caring about the issue of abortion. my post only spoke of agreeing with kerry on the issue of iraq, yet you accuse me of siding with kerry on the issue of abortion. i honestly don't really know what kerry's stance on abortion is. that's why i made this post. to say that i was undecided. read the title of this post you pathetic ignoramous. it's intellectually incompatant fanatics such as yourself that push me to the left.

  4. There are just as many Iraqis that are happy Saddam is gone than there are upset that the US is there. So I don't buy at all the argument that Iraqis hate America for what happened. Bush has his stupid moments, but he does have a plan in Iraq and makes it well known. Iraq has an interim government, and plans to hold a free election in January. It's not perfect, but it's I think its a step in the right direction. Kerry does not have a firm plan, and is very undecided on the issue, and does a lousy job of hiding the fact. If all he can say in that regard is, "I'm not Bush" then he has a long way to go in that regard. I 100 percent disagree with you on that issue - as for Iraq I'm with Bush. I do support Kerry's idea to raise taxes on those who make more than $200,000. He has some other good ideas about health care and such but has failed to say where the money will come from.

  5. Hey, love your blog.

    I agree that Not-Bush is a good thing internationally. here's a funny: Kerry's One-Point Plan For A Better America

    Here's a quiz to help you see where you stand on the issues.
    2004 AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE SELECTORIf you take it, come post your results over at my blog.

  6. There are many reasons why I’m voting for Kerry…
    1. The best way to protect the United States is to build alliances and allies with other countries. The UN did not want Bush to jump into war with Iraq…they wanted proof that there really were weapons of mass destruction…but Bush basically said f*** you to the UN and went to war! As it stands right now…the United States is in more danger then ever...who will be there to back us up??
    2. At a young age…my father would tell me and my brothers that there are three things you should never do… DON’T CHEAT, DON’T STEAL AND DON’T LIE! Bush cheated and stole the election from Gore! Then after the September 11th attacks when the world was already scared and confused…he decided to lie to us all saying that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that we needed to go to war! Bush can apologize all he wants but the fact is our men/women are over their dying…innocent women, children, and men are dying! Why doesn’t Bush come to my house and look into the eyes of my two children who won’t be able to see their dad for two years…and tell them that he is sorry…he lied…to jumped into a war when he should have been going after the people who were behind the September 11th attacks!
    3. Being pro-choice does not mean you are pro-abortion!! Kerry is not pro-abortion but he is for a women’s right to choose. I don’t agree with abortion it’s not for me…I don’t agree with partial birth abortion…but as a women…as an African heritage women…I have to stand for the rights of women! You can’t say that it’s okay for a woman to get one if she is raped, a victim of incest or it’s a health risk to the mother…but then turn around and say this women over here can’t get one! It needs to be all or none…the fact is an abortion is and abortion…so if your against it…then you should not even agree that it’s okay to get one if your raped or in any of the above situations.

    There are many other reasons…but I thought that I would just start with these! My advice to you…is vote for the man you think is going to get the job done…the one that is going to help America feel safe again…good luck in you search for the right answer!

    I have to say one more thing…the world was so upset with Clinton when he lied about his affair with Monica…something that didn’t hurt us as a country…something that was personal…had nothing to do with our country…yet Bush lied to us all…to you…to me…to everyone…and now our men/women/children/mothers/fathers are fighting in a war that we should not be in…and half of America thinks it’s okay…go figure! Oregon has more Army National Guards fight in the war then any other state…The National Guards are supposed to be here to protect our homeland security…fight forest fires…help in the event of a national disaster…yet they are being sent out troop by troop to fight for something that most of them don’t believe in! How sad!

  7. This is all just amazing. Bush supporters (and I'm one of them) believe that all Iraqis love us, the international community loves us, and all the troops support the war. Kerry supporters believe just the opposite. No one will give an inch. Are both sides really this blind? I support Bush, but I'm perfectly capable of looking at both sides of the issues. It just seems that Kerry supporters are incapable of finding one thing that Bush has done right. And if you say that Bush has done nothing right, then you're blinded by partisan politics. Kerry has some great issues that I agree with him on. He also has some beliefs that I disagree with. I think his plan to boost the slowing economy has some merit. Bush to me tends to spend too much money. There are many other issues but overall, after studying it out and reading a lot, I'm with Bush. Please, try to find the good and bad things in both candidates before spewing non-sensical ideas that the whole world is against Bush and so are the armed-forces. By the way, the majority of the troops do support the war in Iraq and President Bush, (despite what Fahrenheit 9/11 may say), that is a fact. Anyone who wants proof, I can send you the proof.

  8. please watch your language


  9. i learned it from orrin hatch

  10. I just read what all you posted about bush .....I going to ask, IF BUSH WANT TO HELP PEOPLE AND FREE THEM FROM OPPRESION, WHY HE DOESNT SEND THE ARMY TO SET FREE ANY COUNTRY IN AFRICA??? people is getting kill by thounthads, but, THEY DONT HAVE OIL, Am I wrong?
    All the Bush´s policy is una mierda (sorry).


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