Wednesday, October 20, 2004

michael moore and new shirts

michael moore's visit went pretty well. i was worried that people would boo and yell so much that nobody would be able to hear him. it was pretty much what i expected. anti-bush. anti-war. only pro-kerry because that meant no bush. he was pretty funny and poked fun at republicans through sarcasm, but didn't pick them out in the crowd to rip on (as hannity did).

i'm still leaning on voting for bush, but i'm not as positive anymore. i've always felt that kerry would have gone to war had he been in the same seat and is only fighting it now that it's his ticket to the whitehouse, but my conception of this has come from the republican right. there are many other issues in this election as well, and those are where i tend to agree with bush.

the more i've thought about this war, the bigger of an issue this election has become for me. if my thoughts on kerry are wrong, perhaps i need to view these other issues as well and perhaps my vote will need to swing.

i'm already voting for for the mathesons and against amendment 3. perhaps another democrat is the way to go.


  1. Funny, cuz the more that I think about it, the war is not the main factor for my vote. I want the economy to pick up, better Health care rates, and lower taxes. Although neither candidate has addressed these topics too much. But concerning the war, I would say that to me it's not an issue of was the war the right thing to do, it's an issue of what will happen in the future. And I've noticed that Kerry never seems to lay out an Iraqi plan, all he seems to do is say "I'll will do better than Bush in Iraq." Day after day i read articles about Bush and Kerry, and Kerry keeps saying the same stuff. There is tons to stuff to criticize Bush about (and I am perfectly willing to do so), but at least he has a plan, and has made it well known. Kerry just seems to spew political rhetoric ("We can do better!"). BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. If I were a U.S. citizen I'd vote for Bush, both Matheson's (Huntsman and Swallow are retards, and terrible candidates for the GOP) and against Amendment 3. But I'm Canadian, so no one cares what I think anyway.

  2. i think kerry may have a point though. perhaps the best way to help out iraq is to get bush out. the war was wrong. iraqis don't want to deal with bush. most of the international community does not want to work with bush. many soldiers don't want to work for bush.

    ousting bush may be the only way to get iraq back on it's feet. the united states can't do it alone.

    think of bush as the van hale-gary crowton combo. if you want to improve byu football(iraq), you get rid of crowton(bush). if you want international help (norm chow), you get rid of van hale (bush again).

    as far as the war in iraq goes, kerry gets my vote. as far as other issues go... i really need to look into that for the next couple weeks


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