Wednesday, November 03, 2004

how i voted

kerry, s. matheson, j. matheson, bennett, ivory, yes on init 1, no on init 3.

unless there is a miracle in ohio, it looks like bennet will be my only victory.

i only had 2 hours of sleep last night (which is better than the 41 hours without sleep i did last week). i wanna stay up to see if kerry officially loses, but i'm just too tired. fulltime school and fulltime work is just killing me this year.

it's unfortuante that the abolition of rights for civil unions was thrown into amendment three. i'm all for defining marriage as between a man and a woman, but amendment 3 went to far.

it's also unfortunate that we care more about our personal wealth than taking care of the environment. oh well. we can't all follow the book of mormon in utah.

if bush wins, which it looks like he will.... i only wish and pray that there is a way to get cheney and rumsfeld out of his administration. they totally screwed up what could have been a pretty good presidency.

me need sleep.


  1. Tyler--

    You got me reading Chuck Palahniuk's novels. I've started with "Choke" as I wait for some others to arrive. His writing's a bit, um, extreme for my taste, but I love the way he has of getting me to re-think stuff from 12-step groups to the way people each play a "part" in relationships/society whether they know it or not.

    As for the election, I'm sorry to hear that the Mathesons lost, and I'm glad that you voted No on Amendment 3. But now that the election's over (and it IS over), I think we all need to get on with the next 4 years. Here's why I think Kerry should bring it to a close and concede:

    So much attention is being focused on Ohio and its 20 electoral votes that almost nobody seems to notice that George Bush racked up a substantial 3.5 million more votes than Kerry—an absolute majority of all votes cast in an election where turnout was the highest (in numbers) in US history.

    Given that Kerry is likely to “lose” Ohio (and its 20 electoral votes) in the end anyway, I think he would be best served by conceding later today rather than dragging all those provisional ballots through the courts. (I think the ballots should be counted & the final results given at the appropriate time, but Kerry does not need to wait for that to congratulate the President on his electoral victory.)

    Although there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth among the Democrats, I guess this just shows that there are a lot of Americans who like George Bush enough to give him 4 more years in office. I don’t think Kerry could have fought any harder than he did to try to convince the voters otherwise, so I guess they just did not agree with Kerry on that point.

    One thing I might ask Kerry to do before conceding, though, is to telephone the President and have a nice chat with him, “Yalie to Yalie.” “Mr. President,” I would ask Kerry to say, “rather than drag the election results out for weeks in the courts, I am going to publicly congratulate you on your victory today. But what I want from you is an agreement to be humble in victory. The past few weeks of the election have brought out many passions on both sides and mobilized more Americans to come to the polls than ever before in our history. It is now up to you to lead all those Americans, including those who did not vote for you and who may continue to disagree with you. It is not a time for gloating or declaring a ‘mandate’ where there was none.”

    No, I don’t think the President would or will take that advice. We live in a world where .01 second in a track & field event is presented as the difference between being “entitled” to millions in product endorsements for the “winner” and endless recriminations if not utter obscurity for the “loser.” Sadly, I don’t see anything changing that part of the American ethos anytime soon. But it never hurts to try to encourage polite behavior.

    Some of my friends here in the East have already reacted to the idea that Kerry should just concede with hostility. What do you think?

  2. Didn't J. Matheson win?

  3. Today is a sad day in America...I'm not sure we can really take four more years of Bush! The votes are in...and I think Kerry did the right his speech he said that the President of the United States should be decided by the American People and not by the courts...Kerry is an honorable man...

  4. 'choke' is prolly not the best of palahniuk's books to start with. it is quite graphic and hard to handle at times.

    yes. j. matheson did win. i was just too tired that night to realize it


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