Sunday, November 07, 2004

i should be writing a paper, but....

i got kinda bored with it, so i figured i'd update this thing a little. i'll prolly be pulling an all-nighter again (which would make it three weeks in a row).

i finished diary and reason, truth, and history. diary was another palahniuk masterpiece. so far i've read and own all of his novels (well kind of... lullaby disappeared). he is by far my favorite author.

 transcendence of the ego - jean-paul sartre introducing liberation theology - leonardo & clodovis boff

over the last few weeks, i also finished jean-paul sartre's naseau (which i absolutely loved) and his transcendence of the ego as well as leonardo boff's introducing liberation theology.

the rebel - albert camus

up next i've got alber camus' the rebel, john searle's the rediscovery of the mind, and i'm going to re-read fight club for my final paper for my phenomenolgy and existentialism class where i am going to compare the book to sartre's existential philosophy, especially that of the look.

i gotta get back to my 10 page paper on liberation theology which is due tomorrow (which i have zero pages written so far)


  1. A while ago you had a link up for a site that sent school kits to Iraqi Children what was the URL for that.

  2. here it is

  3. Hey Tyler--

    I've been investigating your take on the Book of Mormon a bit and came across a prof named R. Dennis Potter who I think is at your school. He has a paper ( on Liberation Theology in the Book of Mormon. Have you ever had him for any of your classes? Is the Society for Mormon Philosophy & Theology ( to explorations of the Book of Mormon similar to yours & Potter's?

    I'm still only about halfway through Choke & now all the other Palahniuk books I ordered have arrived so I'd better get moving. After Choke, I think I'll take them chronologically starting with Fight Club. Palahniuk is a great writer, but sometimes when I'm reading I feel like saying (like Denny), "Dude, you've gone way too far." But in a way, isn't that what a writer should do--at least sometimes.

  4. yeah, i know dennis potter. he's my favorite professor at uvsc. i've had classes with him the last few semesters.

    the society of mormon philosophers and theologians is rather new so there really isn't a whole lot that they've done.

    like all chuck palahniuk books, choke builds up to a climax that leaves you... woah....

    who are you anyways? do i know you?

  5. No, you don't know me. I'm the Anonymous guy from Philly who contacted you after a previous post on the Book of Mormon view of the Iraq war ( I had forgotten about my "Ciaran" login when I posted anonymously. . .I'll let you know how I like Choke and the other Palahniuk books after I'm done.

    By the way, I'm wondering if the sorts of Book of Mormon discussions you seem to have have in your UVSC classes also take place at BYU.


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