Friday, November 19, 2004

one year

i just realized that this thing just passed it's one year b-day.

two words can some it all up: damell sumbitch


  1. Hey Tyler--

    I can't say I've read all your posts, but I have gone back and looked at some of your earlier ones. From what you write/the way you write, I'd say you've grown a lot over the last year. You seemed to be in the middle of a lot of "confusion" (living arrangements, relationship transition, finding yourself back in school) when you started this thing. (Didn't you change ISPs like 3 times as well?) You seem much more "settled" now, even if you still sometimes feel like the odd man out in Happy Valley. (^-^)

    I'm off to Florida tonight to spend Thanksgiving with mi famiglia. I hope you & yours have a great T'Day, too. (By the way, I think you wrote somewhere that your bro got a break at BYU for being half-Japanese. . .are you half-Japanese as well?)

    One last thing--did you ever go back to keeping your journal for more private thoughts?

  2. I learn alot about you from reading your blog. It's a good thing. One thing I like to question is your choice of pictures you've posted. Yuk. For example, the Vortex picture include not-so-flattering pictures of your friends. I never noticed Megan's nostrils before and some of those guys and gals are freakish lookin. I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate being depicted as ugly and freakish. Even though you might look pretty good yourself, posting bad pictures of a "fun" night doen't make you cool.

  3. ummm... who are you anonymous?

  4. I didn't think those photos were really bad. That's what people look like when they're dancing and having fun instead of spending huge amounts of time posing for the camera.


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