Sunday, November 21, 2004

more of the same...

i finished albert camus' the rebel (which was hella awesome) as well as stanley's grenz's theology for the community of god and william placher's essentials of christian theology, both of which were pretty good.

man's search for meaning - victor frankl

up next is process theology: and introductory exposition by john cobb and david griffin, also man's search for meaning by victor frankl.

remember when i used to read cuz i wanted to? those were the good days. of course, half of these books i'd read for my own personal enjoyment anyways.


  1. Tyler--

    Enjoy the time you have to read books like this while you're still in college. It gets much harder after you get out in the "real world." (And no one will want to hear about Kant or Camus. . .you'll be lucky if you find someone else who's read a Chuck Palahniuk novel.)

    I like that scrolling thing with all the civilian deaths in Iraq you have added to your blog site. Is there one that would include US military casualties as well?

  2. Dumb me. . .you already have the Military casualties listed right under the other listing of the civilian casualties. . .


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