Monday, December 13, 2004

during another immensely boring and superficial sunday at the singles ward...

girl giving talk: christmas is jesus' birthday. we wouldn't want people giving presents to other people on our birthdays, so we should think more about what we could give to jesus on his.
me: every christmas eve i leave some milk and cookies for jesus... but santa keeps eating it.

oh my gosh! i am so funny!

seriously though, shouldn't this be a criticism of our selfishness on our birthdays? does jesus really care that we are giving to others on christmas? or is he self-centered enough that he actually wants us to give him presents and is somehow bothered by the generosity and selflessness of people during christmas?


  1. Good point, and funny comment!

  2. Be nice to the young ladies in your ward...It takes time to become mature, wise, and grown-up like you. Although you probably don't say anything air heady in your church talks I'm positive you say alot of stupid things.

    I don't think Christmas is about getting or giving anything material. We celebrate Christ's birth. He sacrificed His life for us and has given me hope and peace. Let us be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas and respect His birth. I love this time of year because so much reminds me of the gifts He has given me; the gifts of hope, peace, forgiveness, knowledge, comfort, gospel principles, example, love, connection with God, and so much more. Although it's fun to give and receive material goods and continue to induldge in our consumer oriented society, let's try to remember to follow Christ's example of service, unconditional love, and mercifulness. Perhaps then our giving and receiving will stem from the true spirit of Christmas.

    Another is what you make of it....If you're relying on others to make it not superficial, you need alot of growing up to do. It sounds to me that you're the one with the problem. Please consider not being critical of others because this attitude of yours is visible and destructive to yourself and those around you. Perhaps what I want to say is stop the criticizing and start contributing to your meetings in a way that uplifts others and yourself.

  3. Woah, woah, woah! Get a grip! Lyod was trying to be funny while making an important point about the nature of Christ. If you understood the whole tone of this blog you would know that the author uses satrie/sarcasm to make important points. Lighten up

  4. As usual I'm somewhere in between. I'd say to anonymous, lighten up, but I'd also say that to Loyd. It does seem to me that you (Loyd) tend to criticize those around you a lot. Your points are valid and I usually agree with your observations, but sometimes negative things don't need to be said. In this case, I just thought it was funny.


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