Thursday, December 09, 2004

good ol' happy valley

since i haven't haven't posted anything lately, i thought i'd throw some highlights from the campus police beat from byu's the daily universe. as soon as i get some time with the christmas break, i think i'm gonna fix this site up some and start trying to regularly post crap that nobody really cares about

criminal mischief

an individual drew human figures on the sidewalk between the morris center and deseret towers on nov. 23. each figure had a name of a student living in dt. when a university police officer responded to the call, he said it was more of a prank than a threat.

individuals threw eggs down on cars from the east overpass north of campus drive on nov. 22 at 11:30 p.m.

six women’s bathrooms were vandalized between nov. 22 and 23 at chipman hall. feminine products and money were taken. thirty dollars in cash was taken and there was $90 in damage to the locks.

communication violation

a student living in desert towers has been receiving harassing notes that were posted on the walls in her hall and ward building. the incident was reported on nov. 30. the notes were malicious in nature and an attack on her personality and circumstances. the notes have since stopped.

disorderly conduct (my favorite)

a female visitor, 33, may be banned from campus because she was reported for urinating on the bathroom floor on nov. 29. she has done this several times prior to this incident. university police have received complaints from custodial workers.

bookstore shoplifting (yes, this actually made the police beat)

a 19-year-old male student stole a chocolate candy bar valued at $1.49 and jelly belly candy at $2.79 on nov. 19.

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