Friday, February 11, 2005

byu campus police beat

here are some hightlights from the latest byu campus police beat

university police tip of the week- dry ice bombs are illegal and dangerous for those using and making them. there are serious penalties if you are arrested.

criminal mischief

two cans of whipped cream were found opened in the aisles in the creamery on ninth. two other cans were found but were unopened. two multipacks of toilet paper were also found half-melted on the shelf.

suspicious event

a female student was walking near the smith fieldhouse when a male visitor approached her in his car. he started talking in dirty language to her. she described him as in his late 40s to early 50s with a large face and head. he was clean-shaven with black and gray hair. he talked with a lisp in a high-pitched voice. he was wearing a white-collar button up shirt and gray slacks. if anyone has information surrounding this individual contact university police at 422-2222.

byu property theft

a 20-year-old male student stole some bagels from the twilight zone worth $1.80.

i wonder what "dirty language" consists of? why not 'lewd remarks', 'vulgar language', or anything else? "dirty language" sounds like something my mommy said when i was in 2nd grade.

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