Tuesday, February 15, 2005

paper time!

it's 11:30 pm. i've got a seven page paper on descartes due tomorrow (and another seven page paper on sophocles' antigone due the next day) - neither of which i have begun. in order to maintain my procrastination, i figured i'd blog for a little bit (though i really haven't had much time to work on this paper until tonight).

it looks like the people of family city u.s.a. ( or was it pharisee city u.s.a.?) and the utah state hillbilly legislature have decided to punish uvsc for its apparent liberal direction it is taking and deny the school funding for a new library. i'm really starting to hate the people here. i'm lds, but i decided that maybe i am not a mormon. i am getting disgusted by the total pharisaic attitude of the mormon culture that defines this community. when will people get it through their self-righteous shells that uvsc is not 'byu-orem'. it is not a church school. it does not have to hold to your pharisaic way of life.

now don't get me wrong. i am not dissing the gospel. i am not dissing 'the church'. i am dissing the grossly perverted pharisaic mentality that stains the gospel with its ignorant, close-minded, condemning self-righteousness.

in other news, i found out how i can get employed for work-study for the philosophy department. going to school full-time and working full-time is jsut too much for me right now. i need sleep.


  1. Dude, you chose to go to school there. If you want a real liberal education come out here to CU Boulder. My friend told her that one of her professors rolled a joint during his lecture.

  2. Chris says

    Please site your reference to "...the utah state hillbilly legislature have decided to punish uvsc for its apparent liberal direction..."

    I would like to read it.

  3. That's too bad. When I was at BYU I spent a lot more time at the UVSC library than I did at the good old HBLL. Nicer atmosphere, regular people, no smugness or fakeness going on.

  4. Chris says,

    Sorry I agree with the views of the Public Donors. You fund what you like. Side note: how liberal do you want it? Some colleges allow nudity on campus. The people decide on the culture and the severity of the liberalism/conservatism. I do believe there is a line that should be drawn for the sake of society and the views of the people. If the majority chose the conservative choices, then so be it. For good or for evil, the populous will decide, on a community level and a national level. I don't have time to delve, but i think you get my point.

  5. Also, "...no smugness or fakeness going on...". Who said conservatism is fakeness or smugness. I want to live in a "Leave it to Beaver" life style. How does "fakeness or smugness" come into the choice of conservatism stances?

  6. Conservatism definitely doesn't have a monopoly on fakeness and smugness...there's plenty of that in the liberal camp too. It's all a matter of how you act towards people who don't agree with you and how tolerant you are of others' beliefs, conservative or liberal.

  7. Dude, I really think you're overgeneralizing. It all comes down to the conservative vs. liberal argument. Each side wants it their own way. The worst thing you can do is think that everyone else is wrong and your way of thinking is right. Respect other people's opinions, i'm sure you want people to respect yours. I agree with you about the UVSC funding issue, that was stupid, and im more liberal than conservative, but you really need to step back and relax about the mormon culture thing. I don't think it is as bad as you would all have us believe. By the way, don't turn into one of those wierd philosophy guys who think that they are the only ones who really understand how things should be. Peace out bro

  8. i'll admit that i am over-generalizing things. not everyone is that bad. and the ones who really are that bad are probably a small minority. i guess the problem is that they are the ones who make a big deal out of everything and ruin it for everyone else.

    one of my problems is that the conseratives want to define what others can or cannot do. while the liberals tend to want to define what they themselves can do.

    take the vagina-monologues for an example. no conservative has to go to it. it does not infringe on them in anways (other than they may have to hear the word 'vagina' here and there). yet, they want to tell uvsc students that they cannot perform it. even worse, those against it most likely have no idea what the vagina monologues are about, but want it banned because of their ignorant and uniformed opinions.

  9. Tyler said' "...one of my problems is that the conseratives want to define what others can or cannot do. while the liberals tend to want to define what they themselves can do..."

    Chris says, You should know better than to generalized a statement like that across both conservatives and liberals. Both parties define what others can/cannot do and what they themselves can/cannot do.

    Look at legislation and it is apparent. Kyoto Accord, taxes, FCC cencorship, marijuana and any issue can go either way for any party.

    No conservative has to go to Vagina Monologue, but the same can be said for a Stip Club next to an elementary school. It's the crowd that it draws in, that make people take stances...Good or bad stances.

  10. "No conservative has to go to Vagina Monologue...It's the crowd that it draws in, that make people take stances...Good or bad stances."

    and what 'crowd' does the vagina monologues bring in? evil feminists? abused women?

    as far as legislating what others can and cannot do, here is what is probably another gross generalization...

    conservative legistlation tends to benefit the views of a select people (usually the rich and powerful), while liberal legislation usually tends the benefit of all without some private morality, but especially seeks to benefit those who are abused and oppressed by the power structures above them.

    what i find interesting is that if you look over the history of conservative/liberal legislation, you will very likely look at it and ask yourself, "what the hell were those conservatives thinking? how could anyone be so....?" look at the history of racism, religion, sexism, labor, and others. which side do you see yourself siding with?


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