Monday, February 21, 2005

letter to the daily universe

last week, the daily universe had an editorial defending the antics of local booting agencies. you can read it here

i didn't like it. here is my response i just e-mailed them.

In your editorial, Forget a'Boot it, you plead with those who have been booted to "give [the booters] the benefit of the doubt, innocent until proven guilty." I find it quite ironic that this is the very 'benefit' that booting agencies deny their victims. Booting companies (such as University Parking Enforcement) abuse those whom they punish by declaring them 'guilty until proven innocent.' Victims must pay a costly fee to remove the boot or possibly risk consequences of being late or absent to classes and work. If someone is wrongly booted (as I was by a booter who directly violated University Parking Enforcement policy), they must go through a lengthy letter campaign to have their money returned to them. Booting policies are set up for corruption. The enforcing agency has the power to act and oppress as officer, judge, and executioner.

I understand the need for parking enforcement in crowded lots. However, that is often not the case where booting occurs. In many complexes where parking is plentiful, booting agencies are not used to ensure parking availabilty, but are rather used as Moral Police to victimize potential honor code violators. As a result many are victimized and booted, not for taking up precious parking spaces, but for committing the immoral act of walking a date to his/her door.

Until booting policies are made to protect innocent victims and agencies are no longer used to monitor morality, I say Boo! to the booters.

maybe they'll print it. prolly not.

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