Sunday, April 24, 2005

it's that time of the semester (and on being a vegetarian part 2)

there are three more days left of this semester, and as always, i have procrastinated it all. right now, i am holding my hands away from my head to keep myself from ripping out my hair in frustration. this week has just been hell. i have barely slept simce wednesday and don't see any sleep coming soon (having to move apartments at the same time doesn't help any either).

so far i have written three papers plus a few short write-ups. they have turned out pretty well, but the paper i'm writing right now plain sucks. it's on the philosophy of science, and well, for some reason i just couldn't care about it at all. i don't know if it's the instructor, how she teaches, or the subject matter itself. i just haven't been able to give a caterpillar's toot about that class.

for tonight, i've got 6 more pages of this pathetically put-together paper to write, plus i've got to study for a final for the smae class that begins at 11am. then it's off to work. afte work i'll study for my feminism final and then write up an 8 page paper for my early modern philosophy class - plus study for that class's final. then i take a deep breath and do my best to convince myself to drop the pair of classes i have registered for the summer.

since my last post, i have not eaten a single piece of meat. it really hasn't been all that hard either. i went home for a brief meal with the family today and everyone made fun of me. but they're fam, so it's cool. one funny moment came when my dad said "i think it's great that you are trying to be a vegetarian, just don't go peta on me." my little nephew koji looked at me, pointed, and said "i'm gonna pee on you!"

time to finish writing this sorry pile of letters. right now i just want to pass the class.


  1. Good work with the vegetarian thing. If you don't die maybe I'll be convinced.

  2. I feel for you on the procrastination thing. And I'm right there too. If I can survive through Monday, everything will be all good.

    Kudos on becoming a vegetarian, just like that. I'm glad your family is okay with it.

  3. Meat is just so friggin expensive when you're on your own.


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