Thursday, April 28, 2005


i survived another week of finals. how? i'm not quite sure. large amounts of caffeine seemed to help though. i really need to learn to not procrastinate things so much. it probably would have been a whole lot easier had i doen thigns earlier. it's all over now. a summer without classes will be a nice rest.

anways, here are a couple of my papers some of you may find interesting...

daly and mormon deity

symbols of gender and representation of power in mormon culture

i'd really like some of your thoughts on these


  1. Try to use "God" in a sentence as a verb.

  2. I am not sure about you, but I keep all of my extremely important and valuable things safely tucked away from view, i.e. the safety deposit box at my bank under lock and key. Only those I trust completely are allowed to view certain things.

    I am not saying a Heavenly Mother is a "thing" of value, only that perhaps, knowing how Satan has dealt with women in this world and his influence over the power of men (people), perhaps the God who knows the end from the beginning has chosen to keep His Wife secluded and thus safe from those who would demean Her and mock Her as they have all mortal women.

    Perhaps, God the Father (and Mother too?), felt that this world only needed one God to degrade and find a reason to get rid of Him, so the decision was made to just "forget" about Her for a while.

    Think about nature, how a mother hen, when in danger, crows and squawks to divert attention away from that which she holds dear and precious.

    Maybe only those who He can trust, those worthy enough to be in Her presence will eventually be invited to meet Her at last.

    Just one of my thoughts on this subject.


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