Thursday, May 19, 2005

and for your boredom...

i had thought that the other two papers i had written this last semester were going to be terrible, but apparently they both got a's and were really good according to my professors. so here they are if you get bored...

longino’s community of science and the power structures of community is a terrible title. building off the the argument of helen longino (a feminist philosopher) that science must be understood as a community project, i argue that scientific truth is not objective, but is controlled and determined by power structures within the scientific community.

in leibniz’ problem of determinism and human freedom (another title using my latest trend of conjoining two thoughts with a conjunction), i argue that g.w. leibniz fails to free his discourse on metaphysics from its implications of determinism.

on a related note, i finally met up with my philosophy of science professor to find out why i got a b-. it turns out that if i had finished all of my busy work and turned in my final paper on time that i would have gotten at least an a-. so technically it is my fault, but still....

on another slightly related note, i had gone almost a week without energy drinks, but last night i drank a sobe adrenaline to keep me awake at a club with some friends late last night. it kept me up much later than that as well. it still tasted like dog piss. now i'm all sorts of tired.

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  1. I've never had any "dog piss" but I'm guessing that the taste would tell you that YOU SHOULDN'T DRINK IT! My point here is, why do you drink something if you don't like it and it keeps you up way later than you wanted and you're really tired the next day?

    This is kind of related to the idea of tasting bitter things. People taste bitter because historically bitter things meant that they had gone bad and could possibly kill you. Now about 1/6 of the population can't taste bitter (I'm included. I don't taste bitter at all.) It's a good thing that I live during the time of refrigeration (sp?) because otherwise I'd eat something bad, not know it, and die. That's your food thought for the day!


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