Tuesday, May 31, 2005

reason #192

all old people are ultra-bipolar.

example -

old guy comes into the store. plaid shirt, dockers, and a sad comb-over. he's picking up a 'special order' for his son. problem #1 - we don't do special orders. problem #2 - nobody has heard of this supposed special order. problem #3 - he's not even sure what was ordered. so what does the old man do? like any other old fart, he starts yelling, blaming everyone and everything. tells everybody they are stupid. just being a normal grumpy old person. we finally find someone who knows a little bit about this mysterious special order who heads off to find his things (turned out to be something put on hold).

suddenly, the old guy is mister smiley - all interested in about where i am from, what i'm studying in school, how i got into philosophy, and how it is all somehow related to his days in the airforce.

from grumpy to happy in 2 seconds.

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