Wednesday, June 15, 2005

day off

there are different ways of expressing oneself. take my dad, for example. when we go to a mexican restaurant he will always ask for the hottest sauce. he says, "get me the stuff that the chef keeps underneath the front seat of his car." and the waitress would get really scared and hold each other's hands when dad would splash his food with it. and then, out of nowhere, sweat would drip all over the table cloth. sometimes he would even cry. i guess that is how he dealt with life or something. sometimes, i wish that dad would talk more, express his feelings. but until then, i want him to just keep eating that damn hot sauce.
-robert hamburger


got the day off, though not entirely sure how to spend it. us humans are silly creatures (or at least i am). when we are working or busy with school or whatever, all we want is to be home, relaxing and doing nothing. as soon as we aren't busy, we get bored and want to be at work or school, busy with studying, and stressing out. then we repeat the cycle.

i'll be meeting with one of my favorite professors in a little bit. it was something of his that i read on my mission that first got me interested in philosophy. i just want to talk with him about how he has dealt with doubts and such in his life and studies.

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