Tuesday, June 14, 2005

i can't wait until fall when i'm too busy with school to waste time with all of these nonsensical posts. while they have helped me sort out my thoughts, i sometimes feel like i am leaving myself too open and leaving any sort of mystery out of me. i was watching unbreakable the other night with a friend. after the movie, we were talking about what special powers it would be nice to have. i first thought of the ability to read minds, but then it was noted that such a power would take out so much from our social experiences. (okay, i really first thought about the ability to communicate with vegetables). if we could read minds, then the mystery and discovery of getting to know people would be gone. i wonder if i'm doing that to myself here at times.

in other news, i finished the other two books i had been reading. real ultimate power: the official ninja book was hilarious and really cool. and by cool, i mean totally sweet. evil: a primer was... well.... evil. while it was interesting, reading about the concepts of evil and evil people and evil whatever for so many pages got to be a bit depressing.

the curious incident of the dog in the night-time - mark haddon

up next i've got the curious incident of the dog in the night-time by mark haddon which is supposed to be a story told from the perspective of an autisitic child investigating the death of a dog. i'll also be reading wittgenstein's poker which is about the philosophers karl popper and ludwig wittgenstein and how their differing philosophies grew into an eventual argument involving a furnace poker.

sunday morning, i read a paper by keith lane in the society for mormon philosophy and theology's journal, element, about a wittgensteinian approach to philosophy of religion. it seemed really interesting and involved some of the things i have been thinking about recently. i'll be taking a class on wittgenstein this fall from brian birch who's specialty is just that. so i'm excited about that.

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  1. Dog in the night time was a fun, fast read. Entertaining.


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