Thursday, June 30, 2005

new book and tidbits

just finished wittgenstein's poker. who'd ever think that the story of a confrontation of two philosophers could be so exciting. the book was a #1 top national bestseller for a while, so i know it's not just nerds like me. i'm definitely even more excited for my wittgenstein class in the fall.

truth and existence - jean-paul sartre

in queue is jean-paul sartre's truth and existence.


in other news...

i've lost about 20 lbs this summer. combination of excersize and a lack of hunger.

not sure if i've mentioned it, but i'm getting 9600 in financial aid this upcoming school year.

war if the worlds is a pretty fun flick

my recent post about slave morality, legalism, etc. was either too long or too whatever to elicit many responses - though i have gotten a few e-mails about it

a giant bird-thing just drove past my window. either it's a float for the parade or i need more sleep

i've pre-ordered the new harry potter book. i can still be a kid at heart, right?

not sure if i've been played for a fool or what is going on


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