Thursday, June 30, 2005


let me tell you a story about how lame i am. me. loyd. king of dicks.

a few years ago when i was really struggling, he was someone i could really turn to for help. there really wasn't anybody else i felt like i could go to, who wouldn't judge me, and who would give me the encouragement i needed. unfortunately, the night i got disfellowshipped, he had to depart for active duty for the reserves. another reason to dislike our semi-retarded president. thanks a freakin' lot mr. bush.

skip a few chapters to this last spring. student housing contracts keep us from being roommates again, but we've been talking and planning to find somewhere for us and a few others to live. my brother and other current roommate go apartment hunting and find something. close to school. fairly new. not too expensive. not byu-housing. not even student housing. only problem, three bedrooms, four of us, and we have to committ by the next day. without saying anything to my friend, i sign up to live with my brother and my other friend. yeah, i'm that lame. not a good friend.

i feel bad and don't have the balls to tell him i bailed out on our plan. so what do i do, i ignore him. he calls and i don't call back. yes, i was busy. school and work were draining almost all of my time. however, that's a lame excuse. i could have made time. i made time for other friends. i dunno why i did it. months go by. he occasionally calls to hangout. i see his name on my caller id. hit the ignore button. he leaves messages and i don't try to contact him at all. i suck that bad.

flip the page to the next chapter. this summer. i'm going through some rough times again. my brother is rarely around. my other roommate is practically married or whatever they want to call it. i finally give him a call. no matter how much of an ass i had been, he blows it off and doesn't care. that almost pissed me off. i deserved to be told to screw off. he should have let me have it. but he didn't.

it's sometimes difficult to write on this without seeming too cheesy, gay, or mushy. so i'm going to end this here and just say that it's been great hanging out with him again.


  1. cheesy, gay, or mushy is our way of laughing off any suggestion that we really need the important people in our lives. Sounds like your friendship is based on solid understanding of each other. That's why you can enjoy just hanging out. To me the best part of friendship can sometimes be the times when you don't talk at all and just are together. When just having the other person around is enough.

  2. I'm sorry I almost pissed you off Loyd. I will officially tell you to screw off and that you suck (but not really mean it of course) You were always a good friend. Ok, hitting ignore and blatantly disregarding my attempts to contact you was pretty lame. But who am I to judge. I've probably done the same thing to other friends before (ok so I probably haven't really done that to friends) (ok so maybe I've done that to chics I lose interest in, but not real friends) (ok sometimes I blow off my family's phone calls, too) (wow. See, we all have a degree of lameness in us) so lick my balls cheesedick. Mmwwhahaha. What's the next movie on the list to see? Don't make me school you in pool again, either. Actually, I was impressed with your progress. But me hitting the 8 ball in still doesn't really count as a win for you.


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