Sunday, June 26, 2005


well, i had plans to write up a long post about slave morality, legalistic ethics, freedom, and christian love, but now i am much too tired. instead, here is a gay list of things that made today a good one.

1. work didn't really really suck
2. there was a bitchin rain and lightning storm.
3. got a good work out at the gym
4. put highlights back into my hair (though i think it's a bit more blonde than when i used to do it)
5. survived all three close-calls from being on the recieving end of car/pedestrian accidents
6. bobby's back
7. hung out with some friends
8. got paid

wow. my posts are really beginning to suck. if things don't get better, i may have to open this up for guest posts.

i may begin an attempt at church-hopping tomorrow. not sure yet. though, i'm sure i'll say something tomorrow about it if i do.

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  1. When you have the time, I would enjoy reading what you have to say about slave morality et al.


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