Sunday, July 10, 2005

back to church...

went to church today. some of it was pretty good, some of it not so good. sunday school had a lot of potential, but was ultimately reduced to the quality of a primary class. not sure if i'm going to go again next week. i guess i'll see.

on the brightside, during sacrament meeting i pulled out my bible and read the sermon on the mount. if there is a spirit, i guess i felt it. something stuck out to me. and can any of you by worrying add a single hour to your span of life (matt 6:27). while i had to pull it out of context to apply it to myself, i guess that's what nephi told us to do. i need to take a step back and not fret so much over my frustrations i get with church and religion. while i still need to hold to my convictions, i can't and shouldn't let those get in the way of having an enjoyable experience with others... especially at church. i let it happen today in sunday school. while the lesson and the scriptures we were studying should have slapped us all in the face about our treatment of the poor and oppressed, instead it turned once again into a call for self-righteousness and blind obedience. and i let it get to me. i gotta stop that. instead i just need to sit back, hold onto my hope that things will get better, and try bit by bit to plant seeds of change.

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