Saturday, July 16, 2005

charlie and the half-blood prince

just finished watching charlie and the chocolate factory... for the second time. maybe, it's the kid in me. maybe it's the allure of candy. maybe it's this blasted summer heat getting to me, but i just loved the movie. time burton's version is far better than that 70's gene wilder version. the oompa loompas were awesome, but i still had this strange desire to free them from their slave labor. sheesh. taking a whole race of people from their native lands, addicting them, and forcing them to labor in order to appease their addiction. something just isn't right there.

i also got harry potter and the half-blood prince. i'm going to go read some of it right now.


  1. Forcing them to labor to feed their addiction? No, way. They totally love their jobs, and who says that they couldn't quit and go work somewhere else for money that they would use to the appease their addictions? They got a sweet deal and they know it.

  2. I have to go with Bryant on this one. Willy gave them the option. It's not like he made them do it. They work there. By their own free choice. They get paid for what they do. Like everyone else does. You like and need money, they like and "need" chocolate. Nothing wrong with it.

  3. free? the little guys were choc-addicts. they knew they couldn't leave? there was no way they could afford their addiction in the outside world. plus, they would have known the outside world would have been too prejudice against little little little people.

    like a crack-whore, they were slaves to their pimp, seeking euphoria by intravenously shooting chocolate.

  4. afford their addiction in the outside world? They never lived in the outside world. They lived isolated in that jungle or whatever, and were content with the few cocoa beans they got each year. And how would they have known the outside world would have been prejudice against them? they weren't educated enough to think too much about that. Anyways, I was dissapointed with Burton's portrayal of the oompa's in this version. It was a bit too radical and freaky. Hmm, like a crack-whore... umm I doubt they shoot the chocolate. Interesting statement though.

  5. wonka selected a specific race of people and took them from their native lands with promises of all the cocoa they could snort, shoot, smoke, whatever.

    as far as knowing about the outside world, they had access to television. seeing the racist history of our world, they would have surely known they could not survive outside of wonka's chocolate slavery.

  6. Loyd, you're really weird. hahaha


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