Friday, July 15, 2005

kids books

some of you may be like me. you know who you are. you made fun of those who read the books. you made fun of the fans. you made fun of harry pansy potter.

eventually you gave in and read the first book to get them to shut up. then you read the second. the third. the fourth. you devoured the fifth book in a few days. within a couple weeks you went from critic to fan.

this is a good weekend for fans of children's books. not only is a new harry potter book out tomorrow, the tim burton rendition my favoritechildhood book comes out tonight. charlie and the chocolate factory. i don't remember how old i was when i read it, but i remember totally loving and reading it non-stop. roald dahl's book was the first book to put me into a whole other world and reality. the simple moral story of a boy, his grandfather, a candy factory, and it's creator (along with some oompa-loompas and a few spoiled brats) instantly addicted me to books. after reading it and it's sequel, charlie and the great glass elevator, i grabbed every roald dahl book i could. my favorite had to be the bfg (the big friendly giant, not big f*ing gun). what could be better than a book that describes children as being scrumpdidlyumptious.

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  1. In the words of Blink 182, all I have to say is: It'd be nice if I could get.......from your Mom


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